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A very thin sheet of pasta with a lot of filling inside are the characteristics of our double sheet ravioli, without forgetting our big variety of fillings with typical Sardinian products.

People think wrongly that it is a pasta dish, but in reality it is a typical sweet. A melted cheese filling covered in a special sheet of pasta with the characteristic round shape size of 11 centimetres. They have to be fried in a warm and plentiful oil and garnished with sugar or honey.

Also known as “Gnocchetti of Sardegna” , now they are popular also out of our island. They are made with hard wheat and water, together in an handmade manufacturing with old-style bronze dies.

It is the most typical and elaborate Sardinian pasta shape, with its characteristic hand seal. The filling is made with potatoes and pecorino cheese, enriched with mint spices which gives an unique flavour: you will you to fall in love with this taste!

Noti anche con il nome di maccarrones de ferrittu, presentano una forma particolare e un sapore unico grazie alla semola di grano duro e alle uova. Particolarmente apprezzati con condimenti a base di pesce.